By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. a NJ Appeals Lawyer

When you decide to appeal a municipal court decision, New Jersey Court Rules require you to complete a notice of appeal at the municipal court where your conviction originated.  This is a necessary step in order for the Appellate court to give you a trial date for you to appear on your appeal.  If you feel qualified enough, you can download the appeal packet from  There are 3 different forms for you to file.  The first form is a notice of municipal court appeal.  You should fill in the basic information such as your lawyer’s name, the offense, and the fine that was ordered to you by the court.

The second form is a transcript request.  A transcript describes word for word what went on during the original hearing.  Two copies of the transcript request for are required by the court for the appeal hearing.

Additionally, a certification of timely filing is necessary to indicate that you were able to appeal the decision on time.

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